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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is a television that can be transmitted over the Internet. There are three main types: video-on-demand IPTV, live TV streaming IPTV, and time-shifted IPTV.

There are various IPTV subscriptions available in the market depending on the device used by the user such as Android TV, Android TV Box, TV Stick, Apple TV, Smart TV, PC and so on. Users need to choose the IPTV service that corresponds to their device according to their channel needs.

What is the best IPTV service in Australia?

Actually, it is very difficult to find the right answer to this kind of question. The reason is that each person has a different set of programs to watch, from European programs to Asian programs, to North American programs, and so on. Moreover, each user has a different streaming device, and different devices correspond to different IPTVs. Each IPTV corresponds to a limited number of devices and users, so it is not possible for one IPTV to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Today we would like to share an Australian IPTV which is also matched with some Australian users. It is Xtrix TV and Xtrix TV Plus.

Xtrix TV and Xtrix TV Plus are part of the iviewHD IPTV series. They are exactly the same as iview IPTV, except for the IP issue, iview IPTV is not available in some parts of Australia and New Zealand, so it is replaced with Xtrix and Xtrix Plus.

The Xtrix TV series IPTV mainly contains channels and VOD from major European countries. This IPTV is currently only supported on Android streaming devices and does not offer the IPTV m3u playlist format for use inside a player. Most of the programs on the Xtrix TV IPTV support the EPG, decoding mode. Xtrix TV Plus has more features such as recording, 7 days catchup, and a family package. Xtrix Plus family package means one user can use Xtrix Plus in room A, and use Xtrix Plus sub code in room B. Both accounts can be used at the same time by binding. The Xtrix Plus sub code does not have the recording function, but the rest is exactly the same as the main code, and you can also get a yearly subscription for a lower price. So it’s great for families who need to watch different programs at the same time.

Above is the introduction of Xtrix TV, suitable for some Australians who need to watch European programs. If you want to know and watch other regions for Australian users, please leave a message with me below and I will recommend you a more suitable IPTV Subscription.

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