Can I Delete Some Channels on My IPTV?

An IPTV is usually a combination of many channels, even channels from many countries. So, there must be some channels you don’t want to watch, how to delete them? Or can it be deleted?

Nothing more than two situations, can be deleted, or can not be deleted.

If it is an IPTV channel that cannot be deleted, then you can only add some programs you often watch to your favorite section.

If you can delete unwanted IPTVs, you usually need to communicate with your IPTV service provider, but most IPTVs cannot be deleted. Some IPTVs support deleting unwanted catagories, but not individual channels. Since most IPTVs have thousands of channels, it would be time consuming to delete individual channels.

FEXTV Global iptv subscription

FEXTV, a Global IPTV, contains channels from most mainstream countries and is suitable for most people. Because most customers only pay attention to the channels of their own country, or channels of several countries, so the other channels can be deleted according to the needs of customers. Of course, if you accidentally delete it, we can also restore it.

Now FEXTV has a 1-day IPTV free trail for customers to choose. If you are interested, please contact me quickly.

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