Can I Use One IPTV Code for Several Devices?

Most IPTVs do not support this function. If an IPTV code supports multiple devices, there is a high chance that the code will freeze easily, indicating that your account is permanently unavailable. In general, this situation is also destructive, and IPTV service providers cannot solve it, so when you log in on another device, it will prompt that it has been used and cannot be used on other devices.

Therefore, for the stability and validity of the IPTV code, multi-device use is not recommended.
If you have multiple devices, there are two solutions you can take.

  1. You can purchase a second IPTV code again and use it without interference.
  2. Some IPTVs support family package. Family packs refer to one main code and one sub-code. The two IPTV codes are bound to each other, and then they can be used at the same time.
    The family package generally supports the use of devices in the same area network, so it is very convenient to use in multiple rooms at home.
    And buying a sub-code is usually cheaper than the main code, so you can save a lot of money and want to use almost the same features.
    At present, our iviewHD plus IPTV support family package, which can support one main code and bind 3 sub-codes at the same time.

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