Can I Watch TV Without Set Top Box?

From Wikipedia, we can get A set top box (STB), also colloquially known as a cable box or receiver and historically television decoder, is an information appliance device that generally contains a TV-tuner input and displays output to a television set and an external source of signal, turning the source signal into content in a form that can then be displayed on the television screen or other display device. They are used in cable television, satellite television, and over-the-air television systems as well as other uses.

The more well-known streaming devices, such as Android TV Box. users can download and install IPTV APK software, connect to the network, and watch LIVE programs directly. So, if I don’t have a TV Box, how do I watch LIVE?

First of all: you need to confirm your TV type.
Secondly: If the TV is an old model TV, we recommend you buy an Android Set top box and use it through AV or HDMI cable.
If the TV is a Smart TV, you need to confirm whether the Smart TV can download IPTV APK files/third party apps. If it can, you can just download that IPTV software and use it. If the smart TV can’t download the third party software, you can only use it through the media streaming player. Then you can download the player and put the IPTV m3u playlist or Xtream code api in the player to watch it.
Lastly, if you don’t have a TV at home or you are traveling, you can watch LIVE TV on your mobile phone or portable laptop. If you have an android phone or android tablet, you can download the IPTV APK and enter your account to use it. If you can’t download any third party apps, you need to use IPTV through the player. computers/tablets, non-Android can only be used through the streaming player.

When you are looking for an IPTV subscription, you need to inform the IPTV dealer of your streaming device and the content you want to watch, so that they will recommend the right IPTV service according to your needs. If you are satisfied with this IPTV free trial, you can get one long-term paid subscription.

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