Dealer Center

Welcome to be a dealer of iview, we will provide the best service for you, any problems only tell us your Dealer ID or email address, we can reply you in time.

iview HD server without panel for dealer, because the code will be calculated from the time when you input to your device.

You can get the codes on time from your Email, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber.

Have a good IPTV live time, thanks!

A: Please pay a fixed deposit to become a reseller. We will send the code based on the reseller’s price. (Normally it’s calculated by 5 codes’ price list)
We will deduct the amount according to the quanity of accounts you get and update the balance. When the balance is to 0 or can’t afford the account you request, please recharge. By parity of reasoning.
Each deposit: 400 pounds or more than 400 pounds.

A: Please choose pound 1 URL to pay, select the fixed amount (100-800 pounds) or top up the quantity to cart.  Please ask us for the reseller price list if order more codes per time.

iview Dealer Deposit Package

It's one Pound link, you can add the amount up to the order money.
You can note your wish list in the order.

Welcome to be a reseller!

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