Do Any IPTV Have Cloud Recording?

Because of work or busy schedule, many times we are not able to watch a certain sports program or news program in time. In this case, is there any IPTV that can solve this problem?

Yes, it is.

There is an IPTV, called iviewHD Plus, which perfectly helps users to solve this problem and have a good time.

iviewHD Plus IPTV is the upgraded model of iview standard one. Their channel content is the same, but they have upgraded several special features on top of the basic iviewHD, one of which is the cloud recording feature.

Advantages of iviewHD Plus Cloud Recording

  • Select a recording series: You can view the time slots available for recording for the most recent period of this program, and then multi-select the recording.
  • Whether your android device is turned on or not, you can set a recording appointment on this stalbe IPTV: you can book a recording for a few days later.
  • Support multi-channel recording at the same time: you can record other programs while watching sports programs.
  • Support 40 hours of cloud recording on the iviewHD Plus premium IPTV.

How to Use iviewHD Plus Cloud Recording?

Step 1: Select the channel to be recorded and click the menu button of your tv remote control

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

Step 2: Select the channel program you need to record

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

Step 3: Click Record

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

Step 4: Record is Done (successfully)

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

Step 5: Return to the main screen of iview HD Plus and select REC(the iview HD standard version will not have REC icon on the main page)

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

Step 6: Click List by Channels to view the record and click on Play

iviewhd plus cloud pvr recoding function

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