Do I Need Amazon Fire Stick if I Have a Smart TV for Streaming?

Amazon Fire Stick is a portable and convenient streaming device produced by Amazon. It is very popular because it has been certified by Google and at a competitive price. But does everyone have to use an Amazon TV stick to watch IPTV live streams? If I already have a Smart TV, do I still need to buy an Amazon Fire Stick?

Let’s talk about it specifically below.

First of all, you need to confirm which kind of Smart TV you have, such as Samsung Smart TV, which has its own features and unique system, and there is no way to download any third-party App. Most IPTV Apps are third-party apk files, so you can only use the media streaming to watch LIVE, but your current IPTV subscription only works on the Android OS device, and can not be used on streaming players. In this case, you will need to use an Amazon firestick. After downloading and installing this IPTV on the Amazon TV Stick, then you can stream.

Secondly, besides Samsung Smart TV, there are quite a few Smart TVs that can support downloading third-party software. So, you can use it as an Android device and download your IPTV Apk file normally and use it. Of course, most smart TVs will have less storage and can’t do as much memory as some Android TV boxes. If you want to store a lot of videos or pictures, it is still recommended to buy an Android box. Because the memory of Amazon firestick is also on the small side.

Finally, if your existing IPTV only has an IPTV m3u playlist for all kinds of streaming players. Then no matter what kind of smart TV or firestick you are using, it will work fine.

Therefore, you can not rush to buy an Amazon TV stick. You can check if your TV can download third-party apps, if not, download the player to your smart TV and communicate with your IPTV Service Provider to see what kind of IPTV is suitable for you. He/she will send you an IPTV free trial code/IPTV m3u. After you have tested it and are satisfied with it before making a long-term IPTV subscription.
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