Basic Questions

iview works on Android TV box, Android TV Stick, Android Tablet, Android Smart Phone.
iview HD could use on Enigma2 Receiver, but iview HD plus not.

In that case, please uninstall existing iview HD apps, and reinstall.

A. Clear cache, restart modem/ WIFI, and Android box.
B. Uninstall iview HD Apps and reinstall iview HD APK (must uninstall first).
C. If it still does not work, Please contact us for help.

Cannot, one code only can work on one device. once the code activated one device, it cannot work on other devices.

A. Invalid code, the card is already used, the free package can be used only once.
B. You are in AU where was limited.
C. Please contact us to check.

Sure can, we support to transfer with 3/6/12 months codes. and 1-month code is not supported.

1. Please check whether fill in the right code or not?

2. Or please check which version iview HD APK you installed?

iview HD (blue color)

iview HD plus (red color)

Differrent version apk needs differrent trial code, please pay attention to it.

Yes, can be transfered to new device.

Please inform the old code and new device ID to your seller. He will help you to transfer.

Yes, can be transfered to new device.

Please inform the old code and new device ID to your seller. He will help you to transfer.

Please check whether subscription is expiration.

If not, Please check whether your device ID changed or not? Some kinds boxes, its MAC will change after reset or repaired. If so, please inform your old code and new device ID to your seller, he will help you reactivate again.

Trial Code
3 Days, without EPL, Nova, OTE, Ligtv
Paid Subscription
1/3/6/12months, 30/90/180/370days, Full Channels

You can get the free trial code from this link

Contact Us

Normailly, the code will be sent to your email at once after, If not receive, please check your spam box. If still not get it, please take pic of your device ID, and send email to
to ask for activation.

Normally, it can run on firestick…. as it is with Android OS, our apk can run on any android device….included android tv dongle.

For the Samsung Smart tv, if it supports the third part apk, it should be ok with our iview HD apk…. Our apk can work on any device with Android OS, unless some smart tv set not support the third part apk.

iview HD IPTV can not run on MAG250/254, but can run on Android Device like Samsung mobile phone, PAD, Android TV box, even Engima2 DVB Box, like dreambox, VU+

Subscription Questions

Yes, you can subscribe IPTV server only and buy the android box with subscriptions package at a reasonable price.

Playing Questions

Steps: Press menu — account info– FAV manage– choose the channels that you want to add to FAV.

It’s the system data issues, please reinstall the app.

1.For trial code, can watch three days, but without Nova, OTE & EPL channels.

2.For Paid code, Nova is blocked in Greece & Cyprus. The reason is of business. Other regions/countries, such as UK, USA, Russia, Netherlands, German…. all can watch Nova.

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