Free IPTV or Paid IPTV?

There are various IPTVs on the market, and in terms of price, they have free and paid ITPTV. what is the difference between them?

Currently, the free IPTV on the market is like this!

  1. Free IPTV will track your data
    All IPTV companies are trying to make money, if it is free, how is it going to be profitable? Many free IPTVs will record your cookies and sell the information of the tracked data to advertising companies. After that, you will be harassed by the following unknown ads/phone calls.
  2. Many free IPTV will have a lot of ads and they keep showing, so your internet speed will be slowed down. If your internet slows down, you may find a way to buy a new internet package or other advertising products.
  3. Free IPTV will keep your IP address online all the time. With this information, unscrupulous people will expose your privacy completely, which I can not bear it particularly.

Why do I recommend you to choose paid IPTV?

  1. Stable servers
    Because of paid, the IPTV Service Provider is having a team to maintain and operate the whole IPTV. whether it is daily maintenance, or channel problems, they can make timely feedback.
  2. After-sales service
    This is similar to the above point, because paid, there will be a professional team to match your needs and feedback with yours in order to give you the most suitable IPTV.
  3. Subscription content
    Most of the paid IPTV are mainly LIVE and VOD. And LIVE is also available in multiple countries for a broader range.
  4. Free Test
    Many paid IPTV will have free IPTV test in order to let you test the stability of IPTV, channels, device compatibility and so on.
  5. Subscription Period
    If you are satisfied with the test, you can choose to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.
  6. LIVE Resources
    The paid IPTV is complete and HD, 4K, 6K, HDR, UHD, etc are available, which some free IPTV does not have good view and sounds.

From the above, I think you should stop using free IPTV immediately, after all, paid is the service, free has no guarantee at all.

To get a 3 days free trial IPTV or IPTV info, kindly email at or WhatsApp me. I will send the IPTV download APK link and test info after confirming your device or channels.

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