How Do I Renew an IPTV subscription?

Recently, we received feedback from a customer, why does my IPTV still show that the subscription will be expired in one day after I renew it?

This IPTV expiration reminder mainly appears in iviewHD. Under normal circumstances, there will be this reminder when the expiration is approaching, giving you enough time to renew your subscription.
Therefore, you only need to contact your IPTV seller, the seller will send you the relevant payment method, and after payment, a new IPTV code will be given. As long as you enter it again, you can extend the time of your device.
The code of iviewHD IPTV cannot be extended, you can only re-enter a new IPTV code. Moreover, if the previous iview code has not expired, the new iview HD code will continue behind this code, use up the old IPTV code, and then use the new account.

So, is there any IPTV that does not need to re-enter the account?
Yes, FEXTV can do this.
FEXTV is currently only a login format with an account username and password. Therefore, after downloading and installing, you can directly enter the username and password. The FEXTV account was activated when we sent you the FEXTV account (start of counting time). When the account expires, you can choose to extend it directly on the current username and password or choose a new username and password.

From the above, we can find that different IPTVs are completely different. Aside from the basic renewal mode, their channels, features, and user base are completely different.

  1. FEXTV is suitable for users in most mainstream countries and can be used on all popular devices(Android TV box, TV Stick, Mag box, Smart TV, PC, etc), including EPG, playback, and other functions.
  2. iviewHD is mainly suitable for users who need to watch European programs, and can only use streaming media devices on Android OS, with EPG, 7-day playback, family package and recording functions, etc.

Of course, we also have many other IPTVs that can match different user groups. If you are also looking for a new IPTV, please let me know your device and the channel you want to watch directly through the contact details below and I will send you an IPTV free trial.

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