How Long Will Get IPTV Code If You Paid Online?

In this article, we will briefly introduce two of our hot-selling IPTV services for your reference.

FEXTV, is a global IPTV that meets the needs of users in most major countries. FEXTV can be downloaded directly to your Android device or using IPTV M3U or Xtream Codes Api on IPTV streaming player. FEXTV login is currently only with username and password, so when we send it to you already activated, both IPTV account has already started counting time. If we send you the monthly FEXTV subscription account on Monday and you start using it on Wednesday, then the account is still in use for the third day, not the first day.

iview IPTV, is a service for users who need to watch European programs, mainly on Android streaming devices, supporting EPG, playback, recording features, family package(one main code+ at most 3 sub device codes) and other advantages. iview accounts are entered as a string of numbers or numbers +letters, then they start counting time only after you enter them into that device.
If we send you the account number on Monday and you start entering it on Wednesday, it starts counting time from Wednesday, after you enter it successfully. And, if your old account has not yet expired, that new account will be renewed after the old one. For example, if the old account is going to expire on Friday, even if you enter a new account on Wednesday, the new account’s calculation time will start from the expiration of the old account.

This way of calculation is certainly the most beneficial for our users and will not waste time when our users do not have time to log in to their accounts. At the same time, we have been thinking a lont time to optimize FEXTV, and hope that after that we can implement the use of account login, like the iview series of IPTV, if it is Code login, then it is when you enter it that the time starts to be calculated.

How Long Will Get IPTV Code If You Paid Online?

Currently, we have several ways to receive payments: PayPal, Online Payment, Western Union, and Zelle.
Sending your account by Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, or WeChat.
Regardless of the payment method, we will reply and send the account number within 24 hours after we receive the payment screenshot from our customers. In most cases, there is a time difference between us and our customers, so we are not able to respond to our customers immediately during non-business days.

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