How Much for the Lifetime Subscription?

Lifetime subscriptions are a relatively hot topic in the IPTV world.

What is a lifetime subscription?

As far as I know, there are many IPTV services on the market that claim to offer lifetime subscriptions, where you only need to pay once and you can get permanent access to IPTV services. These lifetime subscriptions are used together inside a box. You buy the box to have these lifetime subscriptions. However, the lifespan of a TV box is about 3-5 years, and it will definitely have various problems over time and eventually become unusable. If the box doesn’t work, then the lifetime subscription for that device is also not available. Also, if that built-in IPTV shut down suddenly or breaks down unattended, then this is also not fixable.

So when you hear a promotion about a lifetime subscription from an IPTV service provider, you need to ask specifically about the IPTV lifetime subscription.

Is it reliable?

Buy a box, get the box, and the built-in IPTV service. This is a good deal as most Android TV Box will not have any subscription. If it’s a reliable seller and a stable server, then there’s no problem.

How Much for the Lifetime Subscription?

The price can vary, from US$50 to US$200 or more.

How do I find the right seller who can provide that type of service & box?

First: check the information of the company, or the website, to determine if the IPTV Dealer is suddenly doing this business or has been doing it for years. Choose the one that has been established for a long time, which will be more reliable and experienced.
Second: communicate with the staff of the company to understand the situation. If the customer also sells other IPTV services, try that as well.
Finally: check the after-sales feedback or lifetime IPTV reviews of that box to determine if it matches your needs.

For example: Turbo 5+ 4K TV Box, this box also has a built-in subscription service, customers just need to buy that box and then keep using it until this box is unavailable.

So, what is your opinion? Do you prefer a lifetime IPTV subscription?

If you want to know more, please contact me via the comments below.

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