How to Activate IPTV on Mag Box?

Mag box is one of the common devices for the IPTV streaming service provider, with a special Linux system. It is made by Infomir, a European manufacturer, making smart TV set-top boxes for 20 years.
There are many models now, like IPTV Mag 250, 254, 256, 322,524, 420, 424, 520, 522, etc.
If you have a new Mag box, how to watch LIVE Show?
First of all, you need to offer the MAC address to the IPTV Provider(like us, check the below info)
We will send you a Portal URL after we activated it.

Then, you just need to go to the settings, find system settings, servers, and Portals.
Enter the Portal URL (that we offered) in Portal URL 1
Save all the info, and click OK/Save
Reboot the device. Once done, you can enjoy the program now.

For more details or 72 hours free trial, just share what channels do you want to watch, I will recommend one IPTV that fits your needs.

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