How to Activate iviewHD Plus IPTV Master and Sub Codes?

iviewHD Plus is a popular, high quality and stable IPTV service. It is mainly suitable for the group of users who use Android streaming devices and need to watch European programs.

iviewHD Plus IPTV is the base model of iview HD. They have the same LIVE and VOD content, but based on the iview basic IPTV, iview Plus adds a lot of extra content. For example, 7-day playback, recording, family package, and all other features are the same.

Today we want to share more about iview Plus Family Package.
The iview Plus Family Package is where iview plus acts as the main code and you can add an additional 1-3 sub-codes. It only needs to be inside the same house and linked together so that they can all be used and each code can watch different content.

What is the difference between iviewHD Plus main account and sub-accounts?

  1. iview Plus sub-accounts do not have a recording function, all other functions are the same. iviewHD Plus Master and Sub-accounts have separate APK, which need to be downloaded to the corresponding device.
  2. iviewHD Plus sub-accounts are much lower in price than the main account.
  3. iviewHD Plus master account can be tied to up to 3 sub-accounts. iviewHD Plus sub-accounts can be tied to up to 3 sub-accounts.
  4. iviewHD Plus master account and sub account must be used in one house, if the devices are used at the same time, they need to be in the same network.

How to Activate iviewHD Plus IPTV Master and Sub Codes?
Suppose the device in the living room is the master account and the one in the bedroom is the subaccount.

  1. Users need to download and install iviewHD Plus as the master account on the Android device in the living room. The device in the bedroom downloads and installs the iviewHD Plus Master account software.
  2. Activate this master account by activating it on the master device with iview HD Plus account. Also, use the same iview HD Plus code to bind at the sub-account. After successful binding, you can find the account interface shows which is the master account and which is the sub-account.
  3. Finally, after getting the sub-account from the IPTV dealer, you can enter it in the sub-account software and use it on both devices.

The above is about iviewHD Plus Family Package, If you want to know more, please leave me a message directly.

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