How to Download iviewHD IPTV on Nvidia Shield Pro?

iviewhd IPTV

iviewHD is one of the stable and smooth IPTV, which is also one of the hot-selling IPTV services since 2014.

iview HD IPTV advantages are as below:

  1. Most channels with EPG function
  2. iviewHD IPTV is Suitable for all users who want to watch UK, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Italia, Pakistani, USA, India, France, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Arabic, Albania, Netherlands, and Balkan channels.
  3. 1000+ LIVE TV Channels, and 3000+ VOD
  4. Supports 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months IPTV subscription Service
  5. 72 hours IPTV free trial code
  6. Plus version (iviewHD Plus) supports family package, up to 1 master device + 3 slave/sub-devices, and 7 days catch up, Cloud PVR function in case you are not watching LIVE in time.
  7. Work on Android OS streaming devices only, which include Android TV box, Android TV, Android Phone/Tablet, Amazon Fire TV stick, Mi TV Box, Mecool series box, Google TV Chromecast Box, Nvidia Shield Pro, etc.

Due to iviewHD series apps can not able to find it on the store, you need to download the APK file from the IPTV Service Provider, and Nvidia Shield Pro also has a special system, how to download the iviewHD App on Nvidia Shield Pro?

There are two different download methods you can choose.

Option 1: use the Downloader App

  1. Open Google Play on your Nvidia Shield Pro, search&download&install the “Downloader” APP
  2. Open the “Downloader” APP and enter the download link of the third party APP(iviewHD apk download link)
  3. After downloading and installing, you can use the iview HD and start streaming
Downloader apps on Nvidia Shield Pro

Option 2: use a U-disk

  1. Prepare a U disk, open the browser on your PC/laptop, search and download the iviewHD APK file to the U disk
  2. Insert the U disk into the Nvidia Shield Pro TV Box
  3. Open Google Play, download and install the “File Manager” APP
  4. Open the “File Manager” App, click the APK file on the U-disk and install it
  5. After installation, you can use the iview HD IPTV now
File Manager on Nvidia Shield Pro

Whether which method, all easy and without any problems. If you are using Nvidia Shield Pro, contact me at or WhatsApp me to get the IPTV Apk download link and free 3 days IPTV codes now.

Note: Apple TV can not use iviewHD as it is not the Android OS. For users who use this device, I will recommend you another IPTV with an IPTV m3u list for IPTV Smarters Pro or GSE Smart IPTV.

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