How to Get IPTV Xtream Codes API for PC?

IPTV is a must-have media entertainment for every home. With a stable network and equipment, users can happily watch live content. At present, the more user devices in the market are Android streaming devices, such as Android TV boxes, TV sticks, and Android TVs. There are also a small number of users using Smart TV, MAG box, Apple TV, PC, and other streaming devices that cannot use Android Apk files.

If the user’s device is a PC or tablet, they can watch the live content through the player. Customers can download streaming players such as IPTV Smarters Pro, IPTV VLC, GSE Smart TV, etc. on that device.

Once downloaded, the streaming device can be accessed and viewed via IPTV m3u or IPTV Xtream Codes API.

How to Get IPTV Xtream Codes API for PC?

Currently, many IPTVs on the market have a separate App, which is an APK file, so it can only be used on Android devices. If your device is a PC, you can only find an IPTV service that provides IPTV M3U or IPTV Xtream Codes API.

IPTV M3U: is a long link that can be downloaded and imported into the streaming player or just copied and pasted to use.
IPTV Xtream Codes API: has three parts, URL, username, and password. Just fill in the fields as required.

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