How to Install IPTV on Android TV Box

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Users only need to connect to the Internet through a streaming device and input relevant IPTV services to watch IPTV content at any time. IPTV content generally includes LIVE, on-demand, and other programs.

Currently, there are many well-known streaming devices on the market, such as Android TV box, TV Stick, Smart TV, Apple TV, Mag box, and even on mobile phone, tablet, and PC can use IPTV service. Depending on different IPTV devices, there will be different features of IPTV service for users to choose. For example, Apple TV, some smart TVs and mobile phones, PCs can not download third-party software, so users need to use IPTV through the streaming player, and the login and activation method is through IPTV m3u or Xtream Codes API.

So, how to use or download IPTV service on top of Android TV box?

If your IPTV is available to download on top of your Android set-top box. If it can be downloaded, Google certified TV boxes can download and install it through Downloader app, and then you can use it. For non-Google certified boxes, you can download it through Chrome webpage or download it to a USB flash drive, then install it on that TV box and use it. On the contrary, if your IPTV doesn’t have an APK file, then you can use that IPTV service through the media player in the Android TV box.

Generally speaking, these steps IPTV dealer will also confirm with you in advance so that we can recommend the corresponding as well as appropriate IPTV service for the content you need.

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