Q: Why I can’t pay via the old URL?
A: We upgrade the site and change the product URL.

Q: What payment method are accepted now?
A: You can’t pay online directly in this site. You can contact us request the PayPal, Western Union, and others payment.

Q: How can I get the code after payment?
A: You can get the activate code via WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram/Skype/WeChat from your sales.
If you have not contacted us before, you will receive your order details and code via email!

Q: Are all payment methods secure?
A: We will confirm the amount and payment method with you before you pay, after the purchase of any problems can contact the sales to get help, we will maintain smooth communication throughout the whole process, we are not a one-time sale, our longest cooperation can have been 6 years.

Q: What’s our pre-purchase advice?
A: if you don’t use iview series before, we advice you can get free trial from our sales first, then you can choose different time packages based on your financial situation.

Q: My valid time is about to expire, can I buy now?
A: Yes, you can top up now, because thet valid time is cumulative.

How to now

Option 1: Mastercard

Select the product and request rayment directly.

Option 2: PayPal/Western Union/Other payment method


Reseller Request Quote First!