How to Solve QHDTV IPTV Playback Error?

QHDTV is an IPTV with multiple channels, rich content, and support for multiple devices. Also, his price is very affordable. The annual fee is only 55 USD.

QHDTV users are all over the world, and it is widely loved by many people. However, sometimes our customers find the following two problems.

  1. The QHDTV code will suddenly be unable to log in, and the problem as shown in the screenshot below appears.
QHDTV can not login

If you can’t log in to your QHDTV IPTV, please uninstall this QHDTV App and download & install it again. If you have already operated this step and still can’t use/login. Please install QHDTV’s player Lxtream and use it again.
Lxtream player download link:

  1. You can log in to the IPTV code, but find all channels can’t be watched. It will show Playback error, reconnects in 3s.
QHDTV Playback error

If you can log in but it shows playback error connection, please make sure you are not using it on multiple devices. Then pls contact the IPTV provider(us) to ask the engineer to reset your code.

The above are the solutions to solve the problems above. If you still can’t solve your existing QHDTV problem, please contact me quickly through the following contact information, and I will communicate with you as soon as possible! Thanks in advance!

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