How to Solve the IPTV Keep loading problem?

When I am at home and watching my favorite shows, but suddenly the screen is keep loading with a clear circle. What should I do?

It might be several reasons caused that, for example, what I used IPTV is called iviewHD.

  1. Too cache that caused your IPTV system can not load it.

Check the cache of your app: Settings-Misc.-Clear cache data

Check the cache of your android box

  1. Change to a new decoding mode

Settings-Misc.-Decoding mode-software decoder/vlc hw decoder/sync decoder/hardware decoder, one by one to check which one will be ok.

  1. The internet problem

If you are using WIFI, you can change to cable as sometimes the WIFI connection is not stable.

Or turn off the router, 10 minutes later, and turn on the router, and try again.

  1. The IPTV service provider is under maintenance.

If the IPTV still not working after doing the above situations, pls send me a video directly from the above info:
Online website:
Telegram: +1 7047505887
Wechat: iviewhdtv

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