How to Stop IPTV Buffering on Your TV Firestick?

Firestick is one of the popular streaming devices, with a tiny design, and Google-certified OS, which is a perfect streaming player to watch IPTV live shows.

But sometimes, we have got some feedback videos that show his/her live channels are buffering a lot of freezing. Is that an IPTV server problem?

It could be one of the reasons. So you need to send your video to your IPTV service provider, and check what’s the problem. If it is the IPTV server problem, the IPTV service provider will know and you just need to wait for a period and check later once the maintenance is over.

However, the channel source is no problem, how to stop IPTV buffering on your TV Stick?

1. Check the memory of your Amazon Firestick

Most tv sticks are with small storage, so you cannot able to save or keep many Apps or caches. You need to clear the cache from time to time or delete some apps that you seldomly use.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

1. Find Settings on your home menu
2. Select Applications
3. Select Manage installed Applications
4. Select one app, you will see everything about this app
5. Select Uninstall, click uninstall and confirm.
For the above steps for uninstalled Apps, you also can choose clear the cache/data in Step 5.

2. Internet problem

TV Stick only connects by WIFI, so you can not use the network cable, which will be more smooth or more stable. If your WIFI is a high speed, but suddenly slowly, you can try to turn off the router and turn it on after 5-10 mins and see if still have the same problem. If still the same, you should make a call to your local provider.

All in all, you need to check one by one, and then your IPTV will not have buffer or lag problems anymore.

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