How to Use Family Package in Multi Rooms?

IPTV Family package is a great combo pack for people who have multi-devices for multi rooms. For example, there are three rooms with three devices, they need 3 IPTV subscriptions separately, and each IPTV subscription code will cost 199.99 USD for 12 months, 3 rooms will need 599.97 USD.
If I need it, I probably will not subscribe as it is expensive for me. Do you?
However, if using the IPTV family package. I only need one main code for the main device, maybe in the living room. and two extra sub-codes for the bedroom and game room. Moreover, I only need to pay 199.99 USD for the main device for 12 months, and 89.99 USD for each sub-device, the total will be 379.97 USD, saving 220 USD.
At this one, you may ask what’s the difference between the main device and sub-device?
The truth is they are 99% the same, including all the LIVE Channels and VOD. The only difference will be that sub-device does not support Cloud PVR Function.
Also, the valid date of the main device and sub-device will be different if the activated date is verified. But if the main code is expired, the sub-code will not be available as they are linked.

Which is the main device? Which is sub-device?
The IPTV we had that can support the family package is iview series, plus version, including iview plus, ATV plus, Xtrix plus, and GTV plus.
If you are using iview plus, you can install the iview IPTV Plus version App on your device A, like living room. Device A will use the main code and become the main device, or someone called the master device.
and install the sub-device IPTV APK on device B, like in the bedroom. The device B will become a sub-device, also called a slave device.
How to Link/Activate Codes?
After installing the two Apps on device A and device B. Enter the iview plus subscription activate code on device A/main device. and then filling the same iview plus IPTV subscription code on device B. This time the two devices are bound. You just need to fill in the sub-code on the sub-device/device B.
After recharging, you can stream LIVE freely!

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