How to Use GSE Smart IPTV on iOS?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you want to watch LIVE channels, how to achieve it?
Easy! Just need an app, called GSE Smart IPTV Player, which is a perfect medial player for iOS or Android devices.

How to download the GSE IPTV player?

  1. Search GSE player on Apple Store
  2. Download and installed
  3. Find the ‘Remote Playlists’ menu
  4. Click the ‘+’ button to add IPTV provider
  5. Click ‘Add M3U URL’, and paste the M3U URL that from your IPTV Provider

If you do not have any IPTV subscription, here I recommend one famous and stable IPTV, called FEXTV IPTV, with over 8000 LIVE channels.

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