How to Use IPTV on iPad & Android Tablet?

Today, we want to analyze how to use the pad to use IPTV. The following are two of the more common cases.

  1. iPad
    The iPad has its own unique system and cannot download third-party apps. Therefore, customers can use IPTV with the streaming player like Apple TV and iPhone.
    At present, the more well-known IPTV players are IPTV Smarters Pro and GSE Smart IPTV. After downloading the apps from Apple store, you can see that there are two login modes, one is m3u, the other is xtream codes api.
    If the user’s device is this, the user can only find IPTV that supports and provides m3u format or xtream codes api format. For example: FEXTV, it is a global IPTV that can be used not only on players, but also on Android devices, Mag box and other well-known streaming media devices. FEXTV can also follow up customer needs to delete unwanted channels, reducing the time to find channels.
    If your device is also like this, you can leave a message with me below to get a 1-day free test of FEXTV.
  2. Android Pad/Tablet
    Android tablet and android phone are the same. If the device supports downloading third-party software, you can directly download the IPTV software. If the device is the same as the iPad, you can also watch live programs through the streaming player.
    Download method for Android tablet: Open the browser, enter the download link, download & install, and enter the IPTV code.
    If it is a tablet that can support downloading, there are many IPTVs that can be used on this device, such as: iviewHD, FEXTV, iHDHD and so on.

The above are the two situations about the use of IPTV on the pad. Do you find what you want? Now we all have IPTV free trials for different users, come and contact me for more details now~

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