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IPTV is television that can be delivered over the Internet and allows users to watch video on demand, live TV streaming and time-shifted IPTV through IPTV.

Currently, the more mainstream streaming devices on the market are Android operating system, such as Android TV, Android TV Box, TV Stick, Android Smart TV, Android phone, Tablet and so on. In addition to Android IPTV devices, some users use Apple TV, PC, Smart TV, these users can use IPTV m3u playlist or Xtream Codes API through the player, and some users use MAG box, which is a simpler IPTV device.

Depending on the user’s device, there are also a variety of IPTV services on the market that can be matched. Users need to choose the IPTV service that suits their needs based on the device they are using, and the channel they want.

Today we would like to share a European IPTV —–iview HD.

  1. Suitable for users who need to watch European programs, such as: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, India, Cyprus, Arabic, Russia, Albania, Balkans, Belgium, Netherlands and so on.
  2. iviewHD is compatible with all Android devices.
  3. Most iview HD IPTV programs have EPG.
  4. iview HD supports decoding mode and changing device.
  5. iviewHD Plus version has more features like recording, popular channels with 7 days playback/catchup, family package functions. The family package allows users to use one iview plus IPTV code in room A and iview plus sub device code in room B. After linked together, users can use them at the same time with different program. iview plus sub code has the same program as the main account, but no recording function, other exactly the same, and the price is much lower than the main device iview plus code.
  6. iviewHD IPTV offers 72 hours of free trial code, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months paid subscription.
iview vs iview plus IPTV

If you are looking for a stable and high-quality European IPTV subscription, please contact me directly via the contact form below.

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