iview HD Plus Family Package FAQ

Q1 – What is Family Package / Multi-Devices / Multi-Room IPTV?
1. For our IPTV Family Package, can be known as Multi-Device IPTV or Multi-Room IPTV. When buying a 12months Subscription code, then you can pay 60% OFF price to buy Sub-Device Code to activate more devices for your family, max at 3devices in total (1 Master Device and 2 Sub-Devices). One Sub-Device Code is for one Device only.
2. Family Package needs you to install iview HD Plus APK & Sub-Device APK, both APKs support Android TV Box, Firestick, Android Phone, Android PAD, Samsung Phone, and so on.
3. One Device can be used in the Living room, the other device can be used in the sleeping room at the same time.

Q2 – Am I allowed to use each TV on different IP or ISP?
1. Watching on one device, you can connect any TV to any Internet Provider in the world.
2. Watching on over 2 devices at the same time, need to under the same IP/ISP (ONE IP network).

Q3 – How many Devices/Rooms does Family Package support?
Till now Family Package offers max at 3 devices as Multi-Room / Multi-Devices subscription.

Q4 – How to activate the Second / Third devices?
How to use Sub-Device Code?

1. Installed Sub-Device apk on the Sub Device (the second/third device).
2. Bind Sub-Device to Master Device(the first device) by inputting subscription code(xxxxxxxxxxxxc) whichever been used on Master Device.
3. Fill in Sub-Device Code(exxxxxxxxxxuc) to the Second/Third Devices, after Sub-Device code has been recharged, can watch Live Channels & VOD directly.

Q5 – What is the Master Device & Sub-Device?
1. Install the iview HD Plus version APK on the Device A.
2. Install the Sub-Device APK on Device B.
3. After Activated Subscription code (xxxxxxxxxxxxc) on Device A, then bind Device B by filling in the same Subscription code (xxxxxxxxxxxxc) on Device B.
4. Then Device A becomes Master Device; device B becomes Sub-Device (Slave Device).

Q6 – Why there are two valid dates for Master Device & Sub-Device?
The Valid Date of Master Device & Sub-Device can be the same or different. Because they are with each own date.

Q7 – Is there any functional difference between Master Device & Sub-Device?
1. 99% are the same, including all Live Channels & VOD.
2. The only difference: Sub-Device does not have Cloud PVR Function. Because the current system doesn’t support.

Q8 – The Sub-Device Code can be activated on many devices?
No, one Sub-Device Code can be activated on one device only. When activated, the code is locked on that device but can be transferred to another device.

Iview HD Plus Download Link
For PAD: https://www.iptvintvbox.com/download/iview-hd-plus-for-pad-download/
For STB: https://www.iptvintvbox.com/download/iview-hd-plus-for-stb-download/

Iview HD Plus Sub-Device Download Link
For PAD: http://iptvintvbox.com/download/sub-device_109_1-2-64_pad/
For STB: http://iptvintvbox.com/download/sub-device_127_1-2-82_stb/

Any other questions, feel free to contact us.
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