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iview TV Instruction

Q: What’s the difference about xtrix tv, iview and ATV?
A: Xtrix TV, iview HD, ATV are with the same List and Price.
Different apps, logo, name, iview HD is not for AU and New Zealand.

Q: What’s the difference between iview and iview hd plus?
A: Plus version has more functions than the normal version as below,
1. 200+Live Channel with 7 days catch up
2. Recording 20 files or 40 hours to catch up
3. Family Package for Extra Three Sub Devices

If TV screen show: 800. – It’s the problem with internet connection
If TV screen show: 402. – It’s the problem with IP blocked.
(1.illegal uses 2.This IP-bound account has been transferred to another IP, and after the transfer, the old IP will be automatically banned!)
If TV screen show: 405. – It can’t be used in Australia and New Zealand.
If TV screen show: 501. – Server upgrade.
If TV screen show: 411. – Data exception, the server disabled the device
If TV screen show: Bind fail(4102:System busy, Pleas. – Restart app or device
If TV screen show: Error, IP conflict.(one device is already online)- All the devices must be used uder the same IP

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