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The price of the package is including one 12 months iview plus/ATV plus/Xtrix plus/GTV plus IPTV with one/two/three 12 months sub-device subscription.

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Xtrix TV/iview HD/ATV IPTV APK plus version supports sub-device, which means you can use one main account to bind with several sub-accounts in different rooms, known as multi-device IPTV or multi-room IPTV. Now the family package supports one main device with 3 sub-devices(one main code+3 sub-codes).

What’s the difference between the main device and the sub-device?

They are 99% the same, including all Live Channels and VOD. The only difference is that Sub-Device does not have Cloud PVR Function.

How to use/bind/activate the master device and slave device/sub-device?

A=Master Device, B=Slave-Device/sub-device

1. Installed iviewHD Plus APK on device A(Master device), and installed iviewHD Plus sub-device APK on device B(Slave device/sub-device)
2. Bind device B ( Slave device) to device A by entering the subscription active code used on device A.
3. Input the sub-device code on device B, after being recharged, you can begin watching LIVE freely

If you input xtrix TV/iview HD/ATV/GTV activation code with apk, it will be activated and tied with the APK User ID. Therefore, you cannot use the code on other devices again. One code for one device only with iview HD/xtrix TV/GTV/ATV app.

If you need to change to a new device with the subscription code. Pls follow the steps as below:
1. Download and install the IPTV Apk on your new device(Android TV box)
2. Take a picture of the User ID page(new device)
3. Send the picture and your subscription code to us
4. Our engineers will transfer the subscription code from the old device to the new device
Note: It will be completed in 24 hours, so check later.

iview HD/Xtrix TV/ATV/GTV+ IPTV Download links:

Pad for pad/tablet/phone, STB for set-top box/android tv box.
Iview HD Plus

Xtrix TV Plus

ATV Plus

GTV Plus


Error, IP conflict. (One device is already online)

When this happened, pls check the below:
Watching on one device, you can connect any TV to any Internet Provider in the world.
Watching on over 2 devices at the same time, need to be under the same IP/ISP(ONE IP Network).

For example, one IPTV device connects to WIFI, another IPTV device connects to 4G, the IP is different. If only one device turns on, you can watch it leisurely. But two devices turn on, then it will show the IP conflict. Just make sure they are in the same IP when all turn on.

We offer 72 hours IPTV FREE TRIAL for iview HD/ATV/Xtrix IPTV series, which means you can test it first before making a subscription.
Contact WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram: +86 15112660703 for 3 days free trial.

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    Jenny Spencer
    November 16, 2021
    For me, this is the best family package IPTV for my living room and bedroom. Price is good, service is good! Highly recommend IPTV subscription!
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