Fiberglass LoRa Antenna for Helium Miner


Now we have the following hotselling Fiber glass Antenna.

  • 860MHz-930MHz 3dBi 300mm Fiberglass Antenna
  • 860MHz-930MHz 4dBi 500mm Fiberglass Antenna
  • 900MHz-930MHz 5.8dBi 800mm US915 Fiberglass Antenna
  • 858MHz-878MHz 5.8dBi 800mm EU868 Fiberglass Antenna
  • 900MHz-930MHz 8dBi 1100mm US915 Fiberglass Antenna
  • 858MHz-878MHz 8dBi 1100mm EU868 Fiberglass Antenna
  • 860MHz-930MHz 10dBi 1300mm Fiberglass Antenna
  • 860MHz-930MHz 12dBi 1500mm Fiberglass Antenna


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Hot-selling LoRa Fiberglass Antenna for Helium Miner

  • 3dBi 300mm 860MHz-930MHz

  • 4dBi 500mm 860MHz-930MHz

  • 5.8dBi 800mm EU868 858MHz-878MHz

  • 5.8dBi 800mm US915 900MHz-930MHz

  • 8dBi 1100mm EU868 858MHz-878MHz

  • 8dBi 1100mm US915 900MHz-930MHz

  • 10dBi 1300mm 860MHz-930MHz

  • 12dBi 1500mm 860MHz-930MHz

Fiberglass Antenna is a high-precision and high-gain antenna, which is very easy to install and debug. Fiberglass antenna has good electrical insulation, strong wave transmission, good signal, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, and impact resistance. It still has good performance in the harsh environment of high temperature and low temperature -45~85 degrees.

Now we offer different dBi with different lengths, which can increase your signal of Helium Miner, which makes you can get more witnesses for $HNT rewords.

LoRa Gateway Fiberglass Antenna for Helium Hotspot HNT Miner (2)


A higher dBi does not mean higher gain.
If you are surrounded by tall buildings, the lower dBi Antenna is suitable for you.
However, if you have a good free, not have any obstruction, you can choose a higher dBi Antenna, and mount the Antenna to the highest location.



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