Solve the problem that Iview HD cannot be downloaded

If you don’t know how to download and where you can download Iview HD & Xtrix Tv, I can offer you gays the download link:, in which you can download the latest version you want.
There are all kinds of possiblities to fail to download Iview HD or Xtrix Tv.
  Firstly, If you can open the link, it will shows this picture:

Pay attention that it doesn’t mean unable to download but unable to preview and  then need to wait a monent because when you download the app you can’t see the process and you don’t know if it downloads completely or not, after that you can check your filebrower which store the apk downloaded from our website. It means download is sucessful if you can find the package.
  Secondly, you can’t download the apk if you don’t on the unknown download source, you can follow the steps to open the unknown download source, here is how: Settings>>Security &restrictions >> unknown sources and on, and click the download the app again.
  Thirdly, if you still can’t download the app, you can download the app with USB, here is tutorial link:


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