Sunshine TV vs MYIPTV4K IPTV

Asia IPTV is one of the more popular IPTV sections in recent years. Such as Singapore IPTV, Malaysia IPTV, Indonesia IPTV, and so on. Different IPTV, content, server, features, price, and quality are totally different. Users need to test it for a short period of time according to their needs and media streaming device, and then subscribe for a long period of time after they are satisfied with the IPTV free test.

Today we would like to share two IPTVs, one is Sunshine TV and the other is MYIPTV4K. what is the difference between them?

SunshineTV Singapore IPTV

Sunshine TV

  1. It can only be used on Android devices. Includes Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield Pro, Android TV Box, Android TV, Android Pad, Android Phone, etc.
  2. Suitable for users who need to watch Chinese, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries content. 500+ LIVE programs, 15000+ movies and 8000+ TV series.
  3. Support 3 days free test, 12 months, 24 months paid subscription.
  4. Some popular channels have EPG function.
  5. Support 7 days playback, support using with VPN.
  6. Support decoding mode.


MYIPTV4K Malaysia hotest IPTV
  1. It can only be used on Android devices like Sunshine TV.
  2. Suitable for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other Asian countries, buyers are mainly locals. 200+ LIVE programs, 4000+ movies and 2000+ series.
  3. MYIPTV 4K FREE test code is not available. But customers can login to view the channel through the account and password provided by us, only login can not play. Currently we only offer 12 months paid subscription.
  4. Some popular channels have EPG function.
  5. 7 days playback is not supported, and users can be used with VPN.
  6. Decoding mode is not supported, but you can download MX play and decode in MX play.

From the above, we can find that these two IPTV are very similar. But MYIPTV 4K is more inclined to Malaysian users. So, which IPTV do you think is suitable for you?

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