Tips for Fixing IPTV If It’s Not Working?

With a smooth device and stable network, users can watch LIVE content anytime. Then, there are some customers who can’t use IPTV and can’t watch it, so what should be done to solve it?

Users can start from the following two parts:

  1. Make sure and check if the user’s network is stuck or too slow. Users can turn off the router, restart it after 5-10 minutes, and then log in to see if it can be used normally.
  2. Network limitations? If the account, device, and network are normal, but just can not connect to the server, it may be a network limitation, the user can change to another network for testing. If you are sure it is a network limitation, you can use VPN and see if works. If the VPN still doesn’t work, you can only change the network provider, or change the IPTV server.

IPTV Account:

  1. Server Problems: The server is under maintenance, and temporarily unable to watch. IPTV maintenance time is different, but we will strive to solve the problem in the least amount of time. If you and your family and friends have this kind of problem, you can directly send a video to me, I will send it to our technician to confirm whether the server has problems or maintenance.
  2. Account Problems: Nowadays, some IPTVs can be replaced on different streaming devices easily and directly. If the customer logs into 2 devices at the same time, there will be a situation that both devices can’t be watched. Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not operate this way, so as not to cause IPTV subscription unavailability.

The above kind of situation is generally all programs can not watch the situation. If you are part of some shows or one program can not watch, generally speaking, there may be a problem with the program, you can contact me directly by sending me the messages below. Regarding the problem of all channels, we suggest our users send clear videos so that we can better judge whether it is the channel or the server problem initially.

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