Top 8 Reasons Your IPTV Doesn’t Work? How to Solve?

Here I am going to briefly state the top 10 reasons that your IPTV is not working, and what should we do if this happens.
1. Internet issue: Internet speed test; Turn off the router, and 10 minutes later turn on; Use internet cable will be better if the router is far away from the TV set
2. For iviewHD IPTV: For trial code, there are three days to watch, but no Nova, OTE & EPL channels; For paid codes, Nova is blocked in Greece and Cyprus. It will not have any problem in other countries/regions; IviewHD IPTV is not available in Australia and New Zealand, Xtrix TV IPTV is an alternative, which is the same system but with a different name and logo.
3. Black screen problem: It may be caused by the internet, or incompatibility between the box and the IPTV App. Internet problem is easy to solve, but if the incompatibility, you need to test it before you get a long-time(1month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) IPTV subscription. If you are not sure if it is an incompatibility problem, you can try it on other devices.
4. Too many Apps cause your memory of the box to be stuck, which will make your IPTV freeze or lag. You just need to delete the Apps you rarely use.
5. Overloaded cache, also will cause IPTV LIVE freezing or lagging. Clear the cache of the IPTV or other App’s cache.
6. Account problem. As some customer logs in to two IPTV devices at the same time, neither of them will be able to watch as some IPTV supports one device only. In this case, you should contact our technician who will reset the account, and then you can watch again.
7. Software issue, you can change another decoding mode or uninstall your current IPTV App, download and install the new downloaded IPTV APP.
8. Serve problem. When the server is under maintenance, some or all channels will be affected. You can watch other channels or just wait until the maintenance is finished.

That’s it! Do you find the answers now?
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