What is Multiroom IPTV Subscription

What is multiroom IPTV subscription?

This is one of the questions of subscription we are often asked. The multiroom IPTV subscription is an IPTV subscription service for multiple rooms. However, for the stability of IPTV, our single IPTV subscription code cannot be used in multiple rooms or on multiple devices. What we can currently support is one main IPTV Code and 3 sub-codes (maximum) in one house. The sub-code needs to be tied to the main IPTV code and can only be used simultaneously in the same network environment.

This IPTV service is the iview HD Plus version.

iview vs iview plus IPTV

The iview plus version is an upgraded version of the iview basic App. They are one of the best paid IPTV subscription on the Europen, iview Plus version has many additional features than iview blue one, including the ability to bind sub-device code, 7-day catch up and recording. Therefore, if this user needs these features, iview Plus IPTV subscription can be selected.

How can I use iview plus sub-device code?

First, make sure you have more than 2 streaming devices in your house, corresponding to also connecting your TV.
Secondly, one device downloads iview plus app as the main/master device. On the other device, download the iview plus sub-app and use it as your sub/slave device.
Thirdly, you have purchased and obtained the iview Plus master and slave codes from your iview HD Plus service provider.
Finally, activate/enter your master code in the iview plus main device app and enter your iview plus master code in the sub-device app to bind the two devices. After it shows that the binding is successful, enter your sub-device/slave code in the sub-device app. Then you will see that both your main device code and sub-device code are activated and bound, so that both can be used.

These are some of the contents of iview plus family package, if you have any questions about paid IPTV services, you can leave a message with me directly and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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