What Should I do if I Can’t Log in to IPTV?

On the above topic, which is one of the more common IPTV issues that our customers encounter. So, what to do to solve it?

The main thing you can do is to troubleshoot and solve the problem one by one from the following parts.

IPTV Account Problem:

  1. Check whether the user’s IPTV account number is entered correctly and whether there is any abnormality in case.
  2. Confirm whether the account number from the IPTV dealer is faulty, or whether the account number is expired. Does it match the IPTV downloaded by the customer? If it does not match, solve it one by one.
  3. IPTV Country Restrictions: Some IPTVs cannot be used in a certain region or country. For example: iview HD cannot be used in some Australia and New Zealand, but you can use Xtrix TV to replace iview IPTV.

Network Problems:

  1. Confirm that the user’s network is normal, users can look at other apps to connect to the network is normal?
  2. If the network is fine, but the IPTV is not connected to the server. Users can turn off the router for 5-10 minutes, then turn on the router again, then log in again.
  3. Network limitation: If the IPTV code, device, and network are normal, but just can’t connect to the server, it may be a network limitation, We suggest users change the network to test(such as: to your friend’s house). If you are sure it is a network limitation, users can try to use a VPN, if the VPN still doesn’t work, you can only change the network provider, or change IPTV service.

IPTV Streaming Device Problems:

  1. Confirm the media streaming device used by the customer, Is the IPTV supported?
  2. IPTV is not compatible with the customer’s IPTV TV box, We recommend that the user replace the device, and then try again!

The above are some of the more common problems and solutions, if the above can not solve your problem, please leave a message with me below, and I contact you within 24 hours.

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