What’s the Best IPTV App for TV Stick?

Recently, we found that many of our new and old customers are using TV Stick, whether it is a hot-selling Firestick, Mi TV Stick or a normal TV Stick, it is still Android OS system. Therefore, as long as this IPTV supports the Android system, these IPTVs can be used on TV Sticks.

So, any good IPTV service to recommend?

To find a good and stable IPTV, in addition to the most basic equipment confirmation, it is the content confirmation.

Why confirm the device? Because some IPTVs do not support Android, you can only use the player to watch IPTV. But fortunately, Android devices can also download the streaming player, so it is also feasible if you want to use this IPTV that can only be used in the player.

What about the content? The content mainly refers to the channel content in IPTV.

There are many programs in every country and region, and the types of programs include news, movies, music, children, variety shows, travel, sports and so on. However, most of the IPTVs on the market contain program contents from many countries, and there is no way to readjust the channel program contents according to the needs of customers. The needs of each customer are different, so IPTV is to achieve all the channels in the area as much as possible. At the same time, most IPTVs are divided by region, either one country, multiple neighboring countries, or IPTV with global channels. The last type of IPTV has a lot of content. Basically, customers can’t watch one channel in one day.

According to the product content, here we recommend three IPTV serves for you to choose from.

  1. FEXTV, it is a global IPTV that basically meets the needs of 80% of users. Not only can be used on Android devices and players, but also on PC, mag box, Smart tv, etc. The channel content includes channels from mainstream countries, supports 1-day IPTV free trial and 1-month account, 6-month account and 1-year account paid subscription.
  2. iviewHD, which European users may be familiar with, has been very stable and sold well in Europe. It is mainly suitable for users who need to watch European programs, but it can only be used on Android devices. The iviewHD Plus version also supports 7-day playback, recording function, family pack and other functions. There are currently 3-day free tests, 1-month account, 3-month account, 6-month account and 1-year account paid subscription.
  3. MYIPTV4K, suitable for users in Malaysia and Singapore. It can only be applied to the Android system, but it is stable and free of lag, updates quickly, does not support free testing, and is affordable!

The above is a brief introduction of these three popular IPTVs. If it meets your needs, come to me now for a free test account. Of course, in addition to these three, we also have many different IPTVs. If the above does not meet your needs, please tell your needs directly and I will recommend other IPTV service providers.

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