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Why Do I Need an IPTV Family Package?  

IPTV Family Package?

The Family package means you can have more than 2 devices in 1 house with less money.
For example:
1 main device ( for living room ) + 1 sub device ( for bedroom )
1 main device ( living room) + 2 sub devices ( bedroom/game room )
Something like that

Currently, we only have one IPTV that supports Family Package.

The IPTV called iviewHD Plus, ATV Plus, GTV HD Plus, Xtrix TV Plus will be the same content with different names and apps.

Why Need ATV Plus, GTV Plus, Xtrix Plus APK If I Already Have iviewHD Plus?

  • iviewHD Plus/ATV Plus/Xtrix Pls can not watch NOVA if you are using it in Greece and Cyprus for some business reasons.
  • iview HD or iview HD Plus APK can not be used in some cities of Austrilia and Newzland, while Xtrix TV or Xtrix TV Plus is the alternative.

What’s the Difference Between Plus Version and Basic Version?

Both plus version and standard/basic version have the same LIVE content. The difference is as follows.

  • Plus version have more 200+ LIVE Channels with 7 days catch up
  • Plus version support Cloud PVR/recoding function
  • Plus version have more wonderful sports events on VOD
  • Plus version supports family package while basic one does not
  • Plus version is a little higher than basic one, but worth totally

Let’s back to the main topic. If I already have one iview HD Plus in the living room, how to use the family package when I need another IPTV subscription code in the bedroom?

Suppose the device(Android OS boxes/Android TV) in the living room will be the main/master device. Then the device in the bedroom will be the sub-device or called slave device.

Main/master device=A Sub-device/slave device=B

  1. Installed the iviewHD Plus APK on the device A(main/master device)
  2. Installed the iviewHD Plus Sub-device APK on the device B(sub-device/slave device)
  3. Activated iviewHD Plus subscription code on device A, and then enter the same subscription code on device B. After done this, you will find the account info showing Device A became Master Device while the Device B became Slave Device.
  4. Input the sub-device subscription code on the device B. Watch now!

How Many Sub-device Can I Use?

Now iviewHD Plus series supports up to 3 sub-device codes with 1 main device. So total will be 4 devices ( 4 IPTV subscription codes) in one house.

Are There Any Different Features Between Master Device and Slave Device?

They are 99% are the same, including all the VOD movies and TV series and LIVE on iviewHD Plus. The only different one is the Sub-device/Slave device does not support PVR functions.

Is the time of the Master Device and Slave Device the same? If the Master Device expires, can I still use the Slave Device?

Most of all, the valid time of the Master Device and the Slave Device of many customers are inconsistent, as shown in the attached picture above, their time is also inconsistent.
So if my Master Device expires first and my Slave Device is still valid, can I watch the LIVE?
The answer is NO.
For more information, please refer to the following table.

Should I Use the Same Internet If All the Devices Are On?

Yes, absolutely!

If you use one device, you can connect any Internet providers, WIFI or 5G, any of them will be ok.

However, if more than two devices are turned on at the same time, all the internet connections are the same.

Either the same 5G or the same WIFI.
If not, the IPTV page will have a warning: ERROR, IP CONFLICT. (one device is already online)

How Much for the Sub-device?

At this moment, the sub-device/slave device for iviewHD plus only has a yearly subscription code, with 60% off than the main/master device.

That’s it. If you have more than two Android tv boxes and need to watch different LIVE programs at the same time, you can have this family package.

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