Why Does My IPTV Box Keep Freezing

Why Does My IPTV Box Keep Freezing?

This is a bit of a headache. However, when this is the case with your device, it needs to be determined in two ways.

  1. IPTV Box
    To verify that your box has enough memory to run that IPTV software. Customers are not recommended to use 1G+8G devices, the memory is a bit insufficient after running for a while in that 1G+8G streaming devices.
  2. Network
    The customer’s network is not stable, causing the channel to lag, we suggest the customer turn off the router for 5 minutes and then restart it, and then log in again to try.
  3. IPTV Apps
    If the problem is with IPTV, you need to confirm the following.
    A. Are all channels having similar problems? if the memory is sufficient and there is no problem with the network, suggest the customer switch the decoding mode.
    B. If some channels have lagged, which kind of lagging is it, is it the kind that shows KB cache? If this is the case, it still has something to do with the network. Because some channels need higher network requirements, so we suggest customers increase the bandwidth and try again.
    C. If some of the channels are stuttering without any content, you need to consult with your IPTV service provider to see if there is some problem with the channel. The service provider will need your video to make a preliminary judgment and check the channel afterward.
    D. Some IPTV will have low bandwidth, channel lagging or can’t be watched during peak hours or bad weather in the area, this problem may be solved after a few hours, if the customer doesn’t want to wait, you can suggest the customer to change the IPTV to a more stable IPTV subscription.

The above is the answer about why IPTV keeps freezing, if you are still looking for a stable IPTV, why not contact me to get the corresponding IPTV free trial account?

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