Why Does Your iview HD Have the Error Codes?

Normally, we will see the following error codes of the iview HD.

  1. 800: This error code is the problem with the internet connection, you can check the network and restart the router, and log in again
  2. 402: If the TV screen shows 402, that means your IP is blocked. One is illegal uses, another is the IP that bound the iview account has been transferred to another IP, so the old IP will be automatically disabled after the transfer.
  3. 405: It is means you can not use the iview HD in Australia and New Zealand. The perfect choose will be the Xtrix TV.
  4. 501: The server is upgrading, needs time to recover.
  5. 411: It shows the data is abnormal, and the server has disabled the device. Please do not hesitate to contact us to check the problem.

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