Why is iviewHD IPTV EPG data missing?

Sometimes, we will receive feedback from our IPTV customers who said his iview HD IPTV EPG is not available now.

EPG is short for Electronic program guide, which is a TV show menu that displays the playlist of the channel.
Many reliable IPTV offers the features of the IPTV EPG data.

For example, one of the best IPTV app, called iviewHD IPTV. There are two versions, one is the basic iview HD(blue color), another is iviewHD plus(red color). Both IPTV versions are with the same channels. But the iview HD plus APK has 200+channels with 7 days catch up and cloud recording function. That’s version will meet some users’ requirements.

iviewHD IPTV series is one of the stable IPTV Apk services in Europe, perfect for the people in the UK, Germany, Italy, USA, France, Greece, Arabic, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Pakistani, India, Cyprus, Russia, Albania, Balkan. Since 2015, we are selling iview IPTV subscriptions, it is always our top IPTV subscription.

iviewHD IPTV subscriptions support Android devices only, such as Android tv boxes, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Firestick, Google Chrome Cast, Android Smart TV, Android phone, etc.

When you are using iviewHD, you found your IPTV EPG wrong or missing, what should I do?

  1. Settings-Misc.-Clear cache data
    After cleared, exit the app.
    Meanwhile, you also can check your android box’s memory, and clear the cache of the box.
    Once all is done, you can open iviewHD and log in again.
  2. Adjust the Android box time to synchronize with your local time
    If the first method is not working, you can try the second method.
  3. Uninstall the current version, and re-download and install iview HD IPTV
    or try the third one if the above two methods do not work.

The iview HD download link will be provided when any IPTV retail customers or IPTV wholesale customers need the free IPTV trial or buy iview IPTV subscription. Now many IPTV will have many different options for customers, like iview HD 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, even iview HD 12 months. The longer the time, the better the price. After you got a paid IPTV subscription with EPG, you can log in with the IPTV activation code, then you can enjoy the show at any time.

That’s all. If your iviewHD IPTV subscription has a problem, kindly try the above methods one by one. If your EPG of the iview APK is still not showing. Pls add my Whatsapp/Telegram: +1 7047505887 about the situation or send me the info by email (sales@iviewhdtv.com). I will reply to your info in 24 hours and give you the solution as soon as possible.

We are doing IPTV business for 7 years, with only one goal, to offer the best IPTV service with EPG and with an affordable IPTV subscription price.
For more info, click our website: www.iviewhdtv.com

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