Why it Shows Invalid User When I Input IPTV Code?

IPTV code is a string of codes that can be entered into the corresponding IPTV APK to activate it and then watch IPTV LIVE content.

For example:
iview IPTV code is a combination of 12 digits, download/install the iview IPTV software on your Android device and enter your account number to activate and use it.

But, there are also some users who can’t use their IPTV account, what’s the matter? How to solve the situation?

1. Confirm the region where the IPTV customer is using, in Australia or New Zealand part of the region, iview HD IPTV can not be used, but can be replaced with Xtrix TV. Xtrix TV is the exact same system as iview, just change the software and name.

2. Check if the IPTV account has been used. Many IPTV Services only support one device to activate and use, if you have activated in one device, you can’t activate in another device. If you need to change the device, you need to contact the IPTV service provider and change the device.

3. Check if the customer’s code is entered correctly. This is easy to fix, just check and re-enter the code.

So, have you got the above situation? We also have many other different IPTV servers for different users. If you are looking for some stable and good IPTV, just leave me message, I will contact you in 24 hours.

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