Why iview HD Code Shows Invalid?

iviewHD IPTV is one of the stable & premium IPTV since 2014 and sold very well in Europe. iviewHD series IPTV service only works for Android OS streaming devices, like the Android TV Box, Android TV, Firestick, Google TV, Nvidia Shield Pro, Mi TV Box, etc. So you have to use other IPTV service providers if you are using a streaming player, Mag Box, Apple TV, etc.

When you input the code in the iviewHD app, why code shows invalid?

It may have the several reasons causing invalid code.

  1. Fill in the wrong subscription code. A code is a string of numbers and letters that cannot be activated if someone typed it incorrectly.
  2. The customers may download the incorrect app. As iview has two versions, iview basic(blue) and iview plus(red), both codes are different. Pls make sure you have downloaded and bought the correct IPTV subscription code.
    If you buy the wrong code and did not activate it, pls contact us to change the code.
  3. If the above solutions can not work, pls contact us directly.

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