Why sudden can’t watch without valid days?

Why sudden can’t watch IPTV LIVE without valid days?

Even though I don’t change the IPTV box and the IPTV subscription is within the validity period. The box shows valid days “0”.

It shows the IPTV codes already be used when I enter.

The reason is that you have switched  the internet from LAN to WIFI or WIFI to LAN, so the iview Used ID is changed.

How to sort it out?

1. You can fix by yourself. Steps as below:
Uninstall the apk first, then switch WIFI to cable or cable to WIFI , then connect VPN, and go to iviewhdtv.com to download the apk, then enter the code.

2. Provide us the order number &iviewHD IPTV code & user ID, we will fix it according to your info.

Pls contact me directly if there is any issues of the IPTV subscription or 3 days free trail code:

Online website: www.iviewhdtv.com
Email: sales@iviewhdtv.com
Telegram: +1 7047505887
Whatsapp: https://wa.me/17047505887
Wechat: iviewhdtv

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